How to choose water-soluble fertilizer? Liquid or powder?


Water soluble fertilizer is a multi-element compound fertilizer that can be * * dissolved in water. The fertilizer has various formulas, can be quickly dissolved in water and absorbed by crops, and can also realize the integration of water and fertilizer, so as to achieve the purpose of saving water, fertilizer and labor. At present, there are mainly two kinds of water-soluble fertilizer, one is powder water-soluble fertilizer, and the other is liquid water-soluble fertilizer. In the specific use, it should be determined according to the specific situation.
First of all, let's look at the general name. Powdered water-soluble fertilizer is generally marked as water-soluble fertilizer with large elements, while liquid water-soluble fertilizer is marked as water-soluble fertilizer with amino acids and water-soluble fertilizer with humic acid (here we only talk about large elements, except medium and trace elements). Large element water-soluble fertilizer is inorganic fertilizer, usually with high content, and the fertilizer effect period is longer than that of liquid water-soluble fertilizer, while most of liquid water-soluble fertilizer is organic fertilizer, which does not contain nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium or contains a small amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Compared with powder water-soluble fertilizer, it has faster effect, but its duration is short.
To put it bluntly:
1. The water solubility of powder is simply a mixture of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and * * trace elements. The general effect needs to be considered from the selection of raw materials and production technology. The uniform and comprehensive effect of mixing is very good.
2. For liquid water-soluble fertilizer, it is generally clear liquid water-soluble fertilizer. In short, it is made of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and trace elements into a highly concentrated liquid with relatively high comprehensive content. The characteristic is that the nutrients in the liquid are relatively more uniform, and due to the relatively high requirements for technology and raw materials, the effect after use is relatively better, and it is better for plants and soil.
After understanding the types and functions, let's understand the technical characteristics of the next two fertilizers. Take a water-soluble fertilizer "10000 mu tillage and yeshuo" operated by the author as an example. Yeshuo liquid water-soluble fertilizer is produced by organic-inorganic compound and chelation process. It not only has balanced nutrients, but also is rich in medium and trace elements and various organic substances, which is also the development direction of liquid water-soluble fertilizer; The water-soluble fertilizer of WanMu farming powder is produced by inorganic chemical synthesis technology. The chelation process of large, medium and trace elements has relatively few components, but the content is high. Therefore, we can understand that the main direction of liquid water-soluble fertilizer is complete nutrients, rapid absorption and fast fertilizer effect, while the powder water-soluble fertilizer is mainly high content, rapid absorption and long duration.
Let's look at its chemical characteristics: the organic-inorganic compound yeshuo liquid water-soluble fertilizer is warm because of the existence of organic matter, while the water-soluble fertilizer of a large number of elements in WanMu ploughing powder, as a pure inorganic fertilizer, is cool.
When we have a deep understanding of the differences between the two water-soluble fertilizers, we can make better use of the two products. No one is better than the other. There are great differences in the use of the two. For example, in the seedling stage of crops, the root system has not yet developed * *, or in cold winter, low temperature is easy to damage the root, or when the crops suffer from various problems, the fertilizer supplement * * in this period is mainly yeshuo liquid water-soluble fertilizer; When the temperature is high, the middle stage of crop growth and the period of rapid crop growth, * * is mainly water-soluble fertilizer with a large number of elements in 10000 mu of tillage powder. Of course, if there is a period of vigorous growth, crops are affected by problems, such as root injury, and in order to avoid the impact on the validity period of the use of liquid water-soluble fertilizer, we can also flexibly use Ye Shuo liquid water-soluble fertilizer in combination with 10000 mu of tillage powder water-soluble fertilizer, which can not only repair roots, but also ensure the normal growth of crops.
Therefore, no one is better than powder water-soluble fertilizer or liquid water-soluble fertilizer, but the use time is different and the function is different; Only by correctly understanding water-soluble fertilizer and understanding its various characteristics can we choose the right water-soluble fertilizer more appropriately.
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