Technical Services

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Exquisite Seiko

The company has passed the ISO9001 international quality certification, all products are strictly in accordance with national industry standards or the use of foreign advanced standards of production.

Boutique convergence

Sincerely cooperate with friends at home and abroad, enhance friendship, establish and develop various forms of trade relations and economic and technological cooperation.

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West Sichuan Xingda Technology

With the sustainable increase of agricultural economy

Effectively avoid soil settlement

Effective preservation of soil organic matter, to avoid the situation of soil

Focus on the effectiveness of fertilizer

Balanced fertilization (combination of land use and cultivation) to reduce unreasonable fertilization and balance nutrient absorption

Improve crop quality

Promote the accumulation of nutrients in the fruit or block rhizome, improve product quality and increase yield, and enhance crop resistance.

Get rid of the blind of fertilization

Scientific formula to provide a good micro-ecological environment for crops, and the nutrients of fertilizers correspond to the growth needs of crops.