What's the difference between water-soluble fertilizer powder and clear liquid water-soluble fertilizer


Solid mass element water-soluble fertilizer, as its name suggests, is a soluble fertilizer dominated by a large number of elements. Its water-soluble fertilizer raw materials are also produced by selecting some nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The requirements for production and raw materials are not very high. The common shapes are powder, particle, etc.
Development of clear liquid water soluble fertilizer and large element water soluble fertilizer
When water-soluble fertilizer just appeared a few years ago, a large number of element water-soluble fertilizer was more popular. It was better than traditional fertilizer topdressing in terms of price, composition formula, production technology and yield increase, and the amount per mu was less, which greatly reduced the fertilizer cost.
In recent years, with the rapid development of water-soluble fertilizer, large-scale mechanized planting, management and fertilization of land, ordinary large-scale element water-soluble fertilizer has been unable to meet the planting demand, so the emergence of concentrated liquid fertilizer has solved the problem, with less dosage, more concentrated components, more convenient use and larger fertilization area, which is especially suitable for mechanized fertilization of large planting households.
The development of liquid water-soluble fertilizer from suspended water-soluble fertilizer to clear liquid water-soluble fertilizer is getting better and better in use, dosage, convenience and effect, and has effectively improved the quality and yield of fruits and vegetables and other cash crops as well as soil problems.
This is also the trend of agricultural development in the future. It is a good choice for both agricultural dealers and farmers.
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