The fourth element ---- silicon fertilizer


The fourth element ----

Silicon fertilizer, as a new type of fertilizer, is listed as the fourth element after nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium by the international soil circle.
With the deepening of scientific research, people have found that silicon is an important nutrient element in plant body composition. Silicon fertilizer can promote the absorption of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium by plants, enhance the ability of crop disease resistance and pest, and improve the yield and quality of crops.
Silicon fertilizer can be used as a fertilizer to provide nutrients and as a soil conditioner to improve soil. In addition, silicon fertilizer also has the role of disease prevention, insect prevention and attenuated, with its non-toxic, tasteless, no deterioration, no loss, pollution-free and other outstanding advantages, become the development of green ecological agriculture efficient high-quality fertilizer. Silicon fertilizer has a wide range of applications, suitable for all kinds of crops.


Role of silicon fertilizer:
                    1. Silicon is a non-metallic element and is qualitatively a medium element fertilizer in agricultural production, which can provide fertilizer nutrients available to crops and play a role in soil conditioning and improvement
                    2. Silicon fertilizer is as important as calcium in its role, silicon can thicken the plant surface cell wall, enhance the plant's resistance to adverse conditions, and the silicified cells formed in the plant body are like adding a layer of protective clothing for the plant, blocking the bacteria outside the body surface.
                    3. After plant absorption, it is more conducive to improving the photosynthetic capacity of plants, improving the accumulation of organic matter in crops more effectively and orderly, and also improving the ability of plants to resist lodging, and the stems are hard and straight, which can not play a role in other chemical fertilizers.
                  4. After the application of silicon fertilizer to crops, it can significantly improve the commerciality of crops, reduce the incidence of deformed fruit and cracked fruit, better fruit coloring, and improve the ability to withstand storage and transportation. So as to improve the economic benefit of planting.  


Function of silicon fertilizer:                        
              1, greatly improve crop yield: vigorous root system, tillering, full grain, dry grain weight. Crops can be increased by about 30% according to the usage.
              2, improve the soil structure: can reduce the solidification of fertilizer in the soil, activate the soil, remove soil acidification, improve the soil base, promote the decomposition of organic fertilizer, inhibit bacteria, resist recropping, degrade heavy metals in soil and water.
              3, the removal of disease and insect diseases: cell silicification, insects are not easy to bite, bacteria are difficult to invade, produce a nasty smell to insects, with the ability to resist the invasion of germs and pests. In particular, it has strong resistance to rice blast, leaf spot, stem rot, sclerotium, white leaf blight, powdery mildew, rust, black spot, gray mold, downy mildew, anthracnose, root rot, soft rot and borer, plantworms, aphids, cotton worms and so on.
              4, improve photosynthesis by 40% : improve chlorophyll content, prevent leaf aging, growth, accumulation of dry matter, leaf sheath erect, short internode, good ventilation and lighting, conducive to dense planting.
              5, two-way adjustment, prevent barren growth, promote early maturation: has a two-way effect of promoting growth and controlling growth, rice fast greening, early maturation; Ten days.
            6, improve fruit setting and flowering rate: pollen vitality is strong, the number of flowers and fruits increased by 30%. It's 100%.
            7, enhance stress resistance: inhibit water transpiration of plant leaves, strong drought resistance, cold resistance, dry hot air resistance; The stem is thick and hard, the internode is short, and the lodging resistance is increased by 80%. Prevent root premature aging and decay.
            8, improve crop quality: the use of silicon agricultural products taste good, appearance is good, fruit can increase 1-2 grades, nutrition is not easy to lose, resistant to storage and transportation, reduce agricultural damage residue 90%, is the pollution-free, organic park of choice fertilizer! It can be said that; After nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, silicon is the fourth revolution, another milestone.                        


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