Key points of fertilization for Kiwifruit in winter


The fertilization time should be controlled after picking fruits and falling leaves. The correct application of base fertilizer is the guarantee of fruit harvest in the coming year. So how should orchards be fertilized correctly in autumn and winter?
Generally speaking, there are three ways to fertilize orchards in autumn and winter


The key to strip furrow fertilization is to open a deep ditch. The depth of the ditch * * is 40-50 cm. The main root and big root of kiwifruit are easy to extend downward, but not easy to spread around. The respiratory root and absorbing root converge shallow, and a large number of them are planted between 30 cm on the surface. They like organic matter and humic acid.
Kiwifruit mainly raises roots in winter, and the main roots and big roots are raised. The application of base fertilizer in autumn and winter is too shallow, which is not conducive to root maintenance, let alone root system maintenance
The benefits are as follows:
1. Deep turning can kill some harmful insects and bacteria underground and reduce the index of orchard diseases and insect pests.
2. Deep turning can weathering and decay the underground shade soil.
3. Deep ploughing can increase the permeability and porosity of soil.
4. Deep ploughing can raise the temperature of underground soil.
The orchard must be turned deeply when applying base fertilizer in autumn and winter. Deep turning does not mean that the whole garden should be turned deeply, but that it should be turned deeply between rows. The soil around the trunk in the tree tray shall not be moved, because the tree tray is the home of fruit trees and is sacred and inviolable.
After fruit picking, it quickly enters the second nutrition conversion period: storage nutrition. At the same time, the ability of the leaves of fruit trees to produce nutrition is weakened, while the conversion function is strengthened. The nutrition absorbed by the roots depends on the conversion of the leaves to store * * in the tree. With the gradual decline of temperature, the nutrition continues to sink, the fruit trees enter the dormancy period, the stomata of the leaves are closed, * * fall off, and the nutrition * * is stored in the roots.
The late autumn season is the third peak period of kiwifruit root system * *. At this time, the root regeneration ability of fruit trees is particularly strong. The broken hairy roots can grow in 7 ~ 8 days for draft and fertilizer. Moreover, the root system is more and more prosperous in this period. The right of ditching should be a scientific pruning of the root system of fruit trees.
Of course, the broken root here is the broken fibrous root, not the thick root and big root. If the big root is broken, the performance on the tree in the coming spring will be bare leg branches. Fertilization * * root fertilization should be seen between lines.
Guangyuan orchard fertilizing and ditching machine is equipped with 40-60 HP greenhouse King tractor. The whole machine is low and very suitable for working under the orchard shed frame. The width of ditching is 15-50cm, the depth is 0-80cm, the width and depth are adjusted at will, and the working efficiency is 200-600m. It is very suitable for orchard fertilization and ditching in autumn and winter.
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